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The DANZER - Providing a Way to Communicate and Exchange Dance Ideas with Others.

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Star Dancer's Blog “The Danzer”

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Stan & Linda Dancing Bolero


Everything You Want to Know About Social Dance, Ballroom, Swing, Latin & Country Dancing.

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Welcome to Star Dancer's Blog, 'The Danzer'. Before you get started. Go to one of our favorite web sites and read about blogging at ‘’. This should give you enough information about blogs.

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We thought that it was a good idea to start a blog to answer all those questions about social dancing, dance classes, lessons and anything related to dance.

Write All of Your Questions In The Comment Box Below! Whatever is on your dance mind! If you are not sure what to ask or say, here are a few examples of some questions. Where do I get ballroom music? Where is there a place to go dancing? I need dance shoes. Where is there a good place to buy them? What should I wear at a swing dance?

These are all common questions we encounter, especially from a person new to dance. Technical questions might be for example. How do you count the triple step? I don’t remember the introduction of last nights class can anyone help me? What are the foot positions? What are the directions on the dance floor? These are all good questions.

We will try to help you as much as we can. Please Read Our Terms & Conditions. Thank You, Linda & Stan. Click Here To Listen To Ballroom Music! Star Dancer.Net Is On Google reader! Star DancerNet is on Delicious! Star Dancer.Net Is On Panoramio. Coming Soon Star Dancer.Net On My Space! Social Dance with Linda & Stan On Face Book. This Is Linda & Stan Showing Their First Place Showcase Cha Cha Routine at The Casa Loma Ballroom. The Dance Contest Was Held In Saint Louis Missouri in 1986.


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Dancing with the Stars: TV Guide News Exclusive: Cheers' John Ratzenberger, Joins Drop Dead Diva Dancing With the Stars. Unveils Season 14 Cast.

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Dance Syllabus

Ballroom 1

Imperial Swing 1

Foot Positions

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