Class Information

Level Types: Bronze

Age Level: 14 and Up

*Age Avg.: 26 - 66

Partnership: Man Leads, Lady Follows.

Dance Style : Smooth/Social

Music Type: Big Band/Some Contemporary

Music Rec.: Dancelife (Bring 3 Smiles to your feet)

Class Music Speed: 120 - 140 bpm

Original Tempo: 100 - 140 bpm

Equipment : Ballroom Shoes (No Tennis Shoes/Flip Flops)

Class Lesson Amt.: 1 hour / week

Practice Input: 4 hours or 8 ea./30 min. PWP.

Dance Activity: 2 Dances / month

Total Lessons: 8 Class hour lessons.

Total Lessons (Mini): This Class Is Not Available.

Cost : $ 6.13 /hr.

Make Ups/Extras: None - Private lessons only!

Days Off : None

Days Off (Mini): This Class Is Not Available

Extension Rate: 90%

Last Session Amt.: 24

Private Lessons: None - (On Request/Check Price).

**Handicap/Special Needs: Call Stan 636-926-2680

***Children under 14: Call Linda or Stan 636-926-2680

About This Class

This class is for dancers that have completed Ballroom 2 or a general variety ballroom program with Foxtrot, Waltz, Tango, Rumba & Swing. You must have had at least 16 hours of lessons in these courses prior before entering this class.

In this class students will first review ballroom 2 and then move on to the Bronze Foxtrot Program of American/Smooth Standards. Eight to ten patterns will be used through out this course, planned by Linda and Stan.

The program is designed to help students dance in a social setting of the American/Smooth Foxtrot.This program will also cover the top line (posture), footwork styling, hand and arm styling, turns, foot positions, lead & follow and timing. Other techniques used are head and body positions, line of dance, positions in relation to your partner and dance positions in relation to the room.

Mini Session:  For More Than 20 Years The Mini Dance Session Has Been One of Our Outstanding Programs. Towards The End of Each Year, This Is A Dance Session Where We Teach Highlight Steps, Showcase and Shine Moves, Dips, Drops, Styling Techniques, Spins & Turns. Patterns are Amalgamated from Previous Step Pattern Programs.

This Program is Taught for Only 4 Weeks from Early November to Early December. Qualifications Are - You must have taken a previous program with us in the same dance to enroll in this program. If you have taken lessons elsewhere you must contact the teachers first before enrolling in this course. This is to assure that each class will move at its pace accordingly. Beginners must take a regular beginner program first. For Info. Contact (636) 926-2680.


    The Foxtrot is the most refined of all of the ballroom dances. The combination of slow and quick steps permits flexibility which gives it a much greater dancing ease than the basic two-step which it has replaced. There is more variety, today, in the Foxtrot than in any other dance, and in some ways it is one of the hardest dances to learn and dance smoothly!

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Bronze Foxtrot

American Style Smooth

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