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Graduation Dances are Fun & Rewarding...

Purchase Our Slide Shows for $20 each.

If you are interested in purchasing our slide shows send a check for $20 each, for each slide show you want with free shipping & handling. Make sure you print your Name, Address, State and Zip in an addressed envelope with a stamp on it. Send it to Stan Mayer c/o StarDancer 858 Sugar Valley Ct. St. Peters, Mo. 63376.

Please write the check out to Stan Mayer. Make sure you tell us what slide shows you want by graduation date & description. Also let us know if you want a copy on 'CD' or 'DVD,' and let us know what format you want.

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Pictures will be placed on the disc in a file along with the slide show separated from the file with the pictures. You will be able to play the slide show in a DVD player only and can retrieve the pictures manually if you need to. Most photos taken were shot with a samsung and HP 650 portable camera at 300 dpi.

All motion slide shows are tracked for your convenience. Music can be added upon your request. Please, include the song title and artist in the order form before you put it in the envelope. If you want, we can put suitable music in your slide show for you. If you don’t want background music just leave it off the order form.

Included with each slide show are extra pictures we have of the event. Not all of the pictures are shown on this web site. We only use the pictures we need. The quality on most of the pictures is fairly well however some may need work on.

We install all pictures in the slide show and on the disc we do not separate them or cut them from the bulk of each dance event, however if we have a picture that is too unbearable or not very good we will cut that picture from the mix.

Our software usually does the trick in which we will use basic touch up of all of the pictures such as darken or lighten, remove red and white eye. The slide show program we use is simple fade with slow rotation if needed. The software is quite effective. If you have any questions give us a call (636) 926-2680. Ask for Stan.

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Picture Slide Shows & Videos Available Below

Click on to view or pick from the picture slide show or video of your choice...each one is underlined.

2011, Aug. 26th - Graduation Dance - K.C.Hall Dardeene Prairie, MO.

Flash Pic.Slide Show (34 Pics.) (Awards Only)

MPEG Pic.Slide Show (40 Pics.) (Zip Compress. Dwnld 25 min.)

HTML Flv.Pic.Slide Show (40 Pics.)(Zip Compress. Dwnld 27 min.)

2011, May 11th - Graduation Dance - K.C.Hall Dardeene Prairie, MO.

Flash Pic. Slide Show (75 Pics.) (Dance & Awards)

MPEG Pic.Slide Show (83 Pics.) (Zip Compress. Download 35 min.)

HTML flv.Pic.Slide Show (83 pics.) (Zip Compress.Download 35 min.)

2011, Mar. 25th - Graduation Dance - Knights of Columbus, Post Rd.

Dardeene Prairie, Mo.

Flash Pic. Slide Show (93 Pics.) (Dance & Awards)

MPEG Pic. Slide Show (103 Pics.) (RAR Compress. Download 40 min.)

YouTube Pic. Slide Show Video (103 Pics.)

HTML flv. Pic. Slide Show Video (103 Pics.)

Video (2 hrs. 45 min.) (Complete Dance & Awards)

2010, Nov. 12th - Graduation Dance - Knights of Columbus, Post Rd. Dardeene Prairie, Mo.

Flash Pic. Slide Show (55 Pics.) (Awards Only)

2010, June 11th - Graduation Dance - Knights of Columbus, Post Rd. Dardeene Prairie, Mo.

Flash Pic. Slide Show (125 Pics.) (Awards Only)

2009, Nov. 19th - Graduation Dance - Fire Fighters Hall, McMenamy Dr. St. Peters, Mo.

Flash Pic. Slide Show (2 Pics.) (StarDancer Awards Only)

2006, Aug. 21st - Graduation Dance - Knights of Columbus Hall, McMenamy Dr. St. Peters, Mo.

Flash Pic. Slide Show (7 Pics.) (Dance Only)

2004, May 24th - Graduation, Banquette & Awards Ceremonies -

Knights of Columbus, McMenamy Dr. St. Peters, Mo.

Flash Pic. Slide Show (111 Pics.) (Complete Dance & Awards)

Video (2 hrs.) (Complete Dance & Awards)

1999, July 31st - Graduation Dance - Sports Cafe, Natural Bridge, Mo.

Flash Pic. Slide Show (3 Pics.) (Dance Only).

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Next graduation dance -  Friday June 22nd, 2012

Knights of Columbus 2199 Post Rd. 63368

Lessons start 7:20 PM - Dance starts at 8:15 PM

Cost is $8 at the door - Non Students & Guest $8

Map to Knights of Columbus Hall

Congratulation to all of our students who graduated Friday, Mar. 25th, 2011.

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Graduation Certificates Are Available Below

Click on the date when you graduated with your dance class. Follow the instructions on the page to get your dance certificate. Date is based on at the end of your dance class session.

2012 Spring Dance Classes Started 04/09 & Ended 06/10 Graduation Dance Certificates 2012/06/22

2012 Winter Dance Classes Started 01/15 & Ended 03/12 Graduation Dance Certificates 2012/03/23.

2011 Fall Dance Classes Started 09 /11 & Ended 11 /07 Graduation Dance Certificates 2011 /11 /11.

2011 Summer Dance Classes Started 06 /19 & Ended 08 /15 Graduation Dance Certificates 2011/08/26.

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...For our students this is the final lesson of their course. Their achievements, ups and downs, practices, learning their steps are now brought  together for a final evening with their classmates of new and experienced dancers. For some, this is their first dance along with their graduation. For others, it is a familiar event of excitement.

As the evening starts, usually with a workshop, dancers learn a new dance or sometimes a new step to add to their dance. Then the announcements of each student & class are called as they graduate. This is done periodically through the night as dance music is being played in between the festivities.

Each student receives their own certificate of achievement award with their name, dance and class printed on a fine parchment with the StarDancer logo. The program is a way for students to gauge themselves looking ahead to the next level of dance.

For others it's an achievement of finishing the course, knowing that they 'did it'! After that, there is a celebration of dancing all night long. Towards the end of the night the StarDancer Top Student Award is announced. Our finest achievers receive this award, which is celebrated four times a year. 'StarDancer' award achievers are recognized for their excellence in social and ballroom dances, our finest award.

Our final achievement award, our newest, is the 'Gold Key Award'. This award is given once a year to our finest students. This award basically, is our Hall of Fame Award.

Other programs sometimes held are, (The StarDancer Awards & Banquet Ceremony), our medalist program. This program, which is not funded yet, is design for our students to compete for themselves in achieving a medal in ballroom and social dance standards. Bronze, Silver and Gold Levels.

This Ceremony brought teachers and competitors in, scoring our students to achieve such awards. This is a way for students also, to gauge themselves, with the help of their teachers, in becoming better at their dancing at a higher artistic level.

Students competed at their own class level, with the steps & music provided. At the end of the night they would receive their scores and comments along with medals of bronze, silver and gold achievement awards. This was helpful and we hope to continue this program in the future.

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Information About Our Next Graduation Dance

To View June 2012 Graduation Dance in PDF (Click Here)

To View Aug. 2012 Graduation Dance in PDF (Click Here)

To View Nov. 2012 Graduation Dance in PDF (Click Here)

DON'T FORGET 4th FRIDAY JUNE 22nd - 7:15 PM - YOUR GRADUATION DANCE - At Knights of Columbus Dance Club Hall - 2199 Post Rd. in Dardenne Prairie, Missouri 63368